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The Javelina Stampede
Short-Course Mountain Bike Race
Saturday, May 6th
Emmanuel Pines Camp, Prescott, AZ.

This is the very first race ever held at this awesome venue.

We're shooting for an approx. 5-minute lap time. This makes for more exciting racing and it's MUCH more viewer friendly!
The course is being layed out now, and a map will be posted asap.

 Start Time:    Race category:                              Time:              Cost:         

   9:00am            Girls 14-17                                           30 minutes              $20
   9:45am            Boy's 14-17                                          30 minutes              $20
  10:30am           Single Speed Women                           30 minutes              $30
  11:15am           Single Speed Men                                30 minutes              $30
  12:00noon        Rock Crusher (220lbs+)                      30 minutes              $30
  12:45pm           Open Women (Beg/Inter)                    30 minutes              $30
  1:30pm             Open Men (Beg/Inter)                         30 minutes              $30
  2:15pm             Elite Men/Women                               45 minutes              $30

Friday, May 5th
The course will be fully marked @12;00 noon for pre-ride.

Saturday, May 6th 
Please check-in by 8:00 am.
Racing begins at 9:00 am.  

There is a large area for RVs, trailers and tents.  Camping is $15.00 per night.
The camp also has cabins available. Contact Kathi Terrell @ (928)-445-1509

NO DOGS!! We love dogs and the Camp Director loves dogs, but there are full-time residents of the camp that have their own pets, and they do not want to risk any aggresive behavior and they do not want to pick up after them. No matter how small or cute they are, and regardless of a leash.
This is private property, so PLEASE respect their rules.

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